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Red Beaded Hair Stick - "Is Breá"

$ 26.00

The top of this beautiful hair stick is embellished with a large, dark pink coin-shaped bead. Silver plated accents complete the design.

The smooth, round hair stick is hand turned from oak. Several coats of polyurethane make it water resistant, but not water proof - it's fine to hold up your damp bun, but you don't want to wear it swimming. As with all my designs, the stick is completely smooth with a softly rounded tip, so it won’t snag delicate hair.

The 4th picture shows this hair stick in comparison with one of my regular hair sticks.

Length of stick: 5 1/4" (13.3 cm)
Total length, including the beaded top: 7 1/8" (18 cm)
Width at top of stick: approx 10mm
Wood: hand carved oak
Topper: 35mm (1 3/8") stone bead, plated accents



"It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back." ~ Mick Jagger

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