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Beaded Hairstick 5.25 inch Chinese Hair Stick - "Fortune"

$ 24.00

This handmade hair stick is topped with a gorgeous, aged red, barrel shaped bead that has Chinese flowers embossed on the surface. Aged bronze accents complete the design.

The smooth, round hair stick is hand turned from poplar. It's painted black and given several coats of polyurethane to make it water resistant, but not water proof. It's fine to hold up your damp bun, but you don't want to wear it swimming. As with all my designs, the stick is completely smooth with a softly rounded tip, so it won’t snag delicate hair.

Length of stick: 5" (12.7 cm)
Total length, including the beaded top: 6 1/2" (16.5 cm)
Width at top of stick: approx 10mm
Wood: hand carved poplar
Topper: Asian bead, plated accents



"Long ago I decided that if I get a second life, I will be beautiful and clever and rich, and that has allowed me to focus on this life." ~ Robert Brault

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