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Hello Dear Guest!

Please don’t feel like you’re being watched by the offer to chat at the bottom of your screen.  I only know you’re here if you message me *and* I’m at my computer to see it.  You can rest assured I’m not spying on you and I don’t know what items or pages you have looked at.  The report I use only gives a list of most popular items for a given day, not specific who-did-what information.  I also don’t use cookie-planting trackers, so I won’t be following you around the internet. *bright smiles*

Have a question?  Send me a post!  If I’m at my computer, I’ll answer back.  If I don’t answer right away, I’m likely fixing dinner or working in the garden.  If I don’t hear the “chime” that indicates you’re waiting for me to reply to your post, I have to go into the chat program to look if anyone has posted me.  I sometimes forget to do this, but I’ll reply just as soon as I see your note.

What good is the chat function if I’m not available 100% of the time?  Since I run an online business, I am available more often than not.  Regardless of my immediate availability, I like the idea that you can drop me a note when you have a question and not have to go into your email.   I hope you like this offer for a conversation, too.