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My home is smoke free and fur free, but we do have birds.

You can contact me directly at:  

All items are made by me in my home studio just south of Ventura, California. My husband makes the hand carved hair sticks used in many of my designs, along with the “naked” hair sticks, and hair forks.

Hair sticks, forks, and hair pins are very easy to use and are gentle on your hair.  They don’t cause damage like elastic pony tail holders and they look nicer than plastic claws. These wonderful hair accessories can last many, many years, making them budget-friendly and earth-friendly.

Although my hair sticks are strong and the pin holding the beaded toppers in place should not bend easily, I still encourage that they only be held by the stick.

The items offered by Purple Moon Designs are intended for adults and should not be given to anyone under the age of 13 to wear or play with.  Some components may contain lead and should never be put in the mouth (or other part of the body).

Please use common since in regards to safety with your new accessories and jewelry. Hair sticks and hat pins were once used as weapons and can still be dangerous if not handled with care.